Create a Circle in Your Town

You want to create a circle?

It's very easy!

Contact Nela, the worldwide coordinator of the circles. She will inform you specifically of how to create a circle in your city and keep you informed about the next synchronized circle dates all around the globe. Nela may even have helpful contacts to people where you are attempting to organize a circle and can connect you to get creative together.


Here are a few easy steps on how to create a cricle: 

  1. Contact Nela for specifics.
  2. Contact key people in your community that can lead singing circles on their own.
  3. Contact musicians with great instruments to participate.
  4. Contact Nela to synchronize dates and times.
  5. Find a well known location in the center of the city.
  6. Create a facebook event and send the link to Nela.
  7. Invite people. Find asound engineer and equipment.
  8. Enjoy and flow!